The beauty of Corvid19

Mis à jour : 16 juin 2020

No one was prepared for the pandemic of Corvid19 however I learned to look for beauty in every part of life’ experience....and I must say thank you to covid19 although it brought grief to so many also defined our values. My daughter and I had been having some family challenges but we both grew up together in understanding one another. I’m proud of her accomplishment but more how she now recognize my value in her life.....if you are still holding on to grudges after the events surrounding us today, perhaps you need to look in the mirror and be grateful to still be here and have a chance at life....just simply let it go and move forward into the new normal.

My daughter and I sharing a food she actually is a much better chef....I’m just scientific with seasoning and spices.

Purée polenta noir truffles, St Jacques (scallops) fresh string beans based in citron and balamico (balsamic)

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