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It's November do you remember when Roy comes to town. It's the holiday we all been waiting for, can't wait to see him walk through that open door. When Roy comes to town.

He'll be swinging and everyone will be singing, when Roy comes to town. Listening to that vocal tone on that flugelhorn. Of course, he'll be dressed to kill, yet humble and meek giving everyone thrills, however remaining chilled. It's our holiday, what more can I say.....when Roy comes to town. When the gig is over we will surely find another. You may catch us on 47th street grabbing a bite to eat, like the Chicago wind, you'll feel his groove all over your skin. But when the final set is over, we'll be wanting more from our brother whom we love and adore.....When Roy comes to town. Happy Birthday Roy......we all miss you dearly.

Roy was instrumental in my 35 year art career, he totally discouraged me from wanting to be a musician.....after all he was truly the best. I never wanted to ever compete with Roy, I was content with just being his friend. He was very inspiring to me creatively.

Roy in literature

Natsha Tarpley best photograph with Roy leaning on her shoulder, Andy's Jazz Club 2007

Vintage NFT 1995

If you were fortunate to meet me, perhaps you would have met Roy as well. His music is playing in the background as I type this blog post.....When we were one, a Johnny Griffin tune from the album tenors of our time. When Roy past on, a part of me left with him. However his death somehow forced my creative adventure to find myself again.......

Today I sit in Paris and reminisce on all the memories that we shared......

I honored Roy in life, so therefore I never had to do a tribute just continuing what I always did.

Roy appears in some of my most important art work of my career.

Thank you again and again for the gifts, thank you for the friendship

I know Granny had some cornbread waiting for you in heaven......peace

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