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1993 Chicago I had a vision to create a publishing house that focused on art in advertisement similar to the French poster art. By 2002 I began producing my own style of French posters. I received a commission to create a series of holiday note cards for a friend. The project became a huge success and lead me to create products for local establishments in Chicago such as, The Four Seasons Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Peninsula Hotel and Sofitel. Soon my note cards were carried by upscale giftshops and museums throughout Chicago. BB&B Publishing company was born (Be-bop and Barbra). This creation would lead me on my way to future success in creating wine labels, painting and everything I could dream of.

2019 I arrived in France with the dream of continuing my success in Art only to hit a concrete wall named Covid19. I stumbled and succumbed to fear however I knew the journey wasn't simply about me. Quickly I came up with the idea of publishing the retrospective of my 30 plus years as an artiste but that also was cut short, and I failed tremendously. I spent countless days consumed in cafes in Paris wondering where I could go from here.... perhaps I had arrived at my doom, so I thought. Miraculously, after feeling I had given up on my dreams and lost the faith of supporters......I realized that I was standing in a place that inspired the initial dream. Creativity returned and inspiration is in abundance. Today I have partnered with print companies in North America and France to produce finally my French inspired art in posters, notecards and of course books. I hope to continue creating for years to come.

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