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Je Ne Suis Pas un Américain comme les autres, Je Suis Né Français

Produit fabriqué à Paris France

Product Information 

Format: 30,0 x 40,0 cm (French-style) 

Length: 296 pages, 314 artworks/illustrations, 136 photos with scenes around Paris, poems, and short stories 

Dimensions: H40 x L30 x D3.5cm

White gloves and custom storage box included


Inspirational Literature 

Author: Monsieur Andre Lahori

Editor: Simone Dunne

Publisher: Maison Barbra Jean Paris

ISBN: 978-2-9573164

Book: Je Ne Suis Pas un Américain comme les autres, Je Suis Né Français, I am not Your Typical American, I was born French


BOOK Hardcover

Linen (Cialux grise1806)

Finishing: gold hot-stamping

Dust Jacket, 4 flaps + back

Paper: Novatech Gloss, 170 g/m2 

Printing: full color front

Finishing: Shiny lamination on front

Case: Custom book full color front finishing


Watch as a young boy’s dream unfolds in front of your eyes, from Chicago’s South Side (Chicago an American city founded by Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable). A celebration of a 35-year art career and existential living. Adu Jahmal is the most Parisian of Americans and the most American of Parisians.


 A series of 3,000 books will be produced and the first 100 will be signed and numbered. 



ISBN: 978-2-9573164-1-0



ISBN: 978-2-9573164-2-7



ISBN: 978-2-9573164-3-4

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