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I am a Pierre Cardin Man


As I reflect on my life, my childhood in particular, I remember briefly becoming what is know as a “Big Boy”. As a “BB“ you transform into a certain character faced with responsibility, appearance and mannerisms. This is the moment in time when your style is born as well. I recall preparing myself to attend a neighborhood birthday party. My grandmother being quite the hipperster herself decided to buy me a pair of the new designer blue jeans. This craze was promoted all going over America at this time. In popular music you would hear Sasson, jordache and even Gloria Vanderbilt and of course brooke shields introduced us to Calvin Klein. Truthfully I was really just a Levi’s kind of a kid....there was even a brand called “Bonjour”. So of course I had my designer jeans ready and my cool red and blue terry cloth shirt.....but now that I was a “BB“, I had to add the special touch to my look.....and in that moment the only thing that would get you noticed was how you smelled. My older brother kept collections of men’s fragrances on the top of the dresser in our shared bedroom however threaten me not to use them. I going to a party today and he was no where around. There was one brand that stood out ahead of all the had a obscure shaped bottle design different from the rest. Somehow it resonated with being a boy for the oval structure reminiscing a baseball and bat but the name said it all.

Pierre Cardin....PC please call me Pierre Cardin....the thought that rolled through my mind as I strutted my way into the party. #pierrecardin #pierrecardinman #pierrecardinparis Shake your pants Cameo

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