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A Pillar in the community

You probably won't find her listed on Wikipedia and most of the popular searches on Google, but you will however discover the impact that she had on the Los Angeles Jazz scene for more than 40 years. This week Los Angeles lost yet another pillar in the community, "The Great Rose Gales". Great not because she recorded a ton of albums, played with"Bird" or developed some new style of music. Great because she was an example of a dedicated human being. I first met Rose while hanging out at the World stage in LA's historical Leimert Park. Sitting in on jam session was my thing, I would always still the show.....but somehow Rose was a bit intimidating to me. She commanded the stage like general Patton, enforcing the musician (usually men) to play as if to honor her presents and behave like gentlemen while you were on stage. Several months passed before I built up the courage to sit in on her weekly Sunday jam.....but I finally did it....and boy it was magically. Rose called the tune St. Thomas made famous by saxophonist Sonny Rollins. I closed my eyes and let Rose be my guide. We danced the rhythms and bounced a few struts. When it was said and done and Rose began to feed everyone fried chicken, she kindly walked over to me handed me a leg.....then uttered these words "Tell Carlos Santana I said hello," as she smiled and walled away.....leaving me puzzled of course.....that was her style. Well I haven't played with Santana yet however when I do.....I'll make sure to tell him hello from the Great Rose Gales.

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