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Dernière mise à jour : 20 déc. 2021

Well this project's purpose was to simply be a luxury art book.....due to the circumstances of the quickly mutated into a digital crypto other words an asset for all of whom ordered the physical book. The physical book will be completed and shipped however please be patient for this crypto movement may very well grant me the power to buy the printer out right.....for cash. This is really a unique items and situation for all of us and I thank you sincerely for believing in me and allowing the dream to be fulfilled. Let me explain to you how this project works.

The Book (ISBN: 978-2-9573164 ) gives birth to the content: example images, video clips, etc.,

This content becomes NFT'S ( Non Fungible (ERC721) Token) an asset that can be sold or traded at a later date for currency including cash.

A protocol is developed to acquire the book and it's assets. This protocol requires the use of digital tokens (ERC20-ERC777) Token) ) on the Ethereum network and blockchain.

The Book had sex with pragma solidity ^0.7.3; and gives birth to twins:

string public constant name = "Baron_de_Andre";

string public constant symbol = "BAD";

uint8 public constant decimals = 18;

string public constant name = "NapoleonCOIN";

string public constant symbol = "NBEF";

uint8 public constant decimals = 18;

The currency that will be used to acquire the goods produced from the book. Each object then can literally experience a mutation for example: In order to produce the NFT'S from the Book, an application had to be developed to stream line the process:


A front-end user platform that allows the speedy creation of NFT'S

The possibilities are endless example: My wine bottles have become NFT'S

The Wine Bottle: now mutates to the wine cellars, crypto wine, crypto wine auctions, secondary markets etc., Thus building more apps while publishing more books.

To get a complete picture of the book, I prepared a video bellow for your review.

If you would like to get involved with this movement in any way possible, I'm at your disposal.

Merci Beaucoup.

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