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The Making of Jazzbebop Circa 2001 Part:1

Over the years I created several projects that left an impact on my viewers but the fans constantly asked me, "What Happen to Jazzbebop?" We if I go into a long drawn out story on how the name was stolen etc., it would take away the excitement of knowing I figured out how to give you a glimpse into a web environment that's no longer flash friendly, and why? The year is 2000 and the world is in the dotcom phase and every computer geeks is trying to come up with the next big thing. I had become a well know web developer in Chicago known for my savvy graphic design skills and the ability to fuse sound and animation into the presentations. I developed online interactive distant learn apps for SPSS, survey forms and questioners, in other words, I was busy non-stop. Two years prior too this I did a stint in New York while dating Author Natasha Anastasia Tarpley (which I want discuss much) I was instrumental in persuading the board of the Riverside Church to embark on the new media "The Internet" with a full blown presentation I delivered to their members the morning of jazz great "Betty Carter"(aka Bebop Betty) memorial, whom died the day I arrived in New York and just as fate would have it.....I landed at the place she was being honored. I also came up with Jazzbebop during that time. Jazzbebop was a spin off of the award winning "Jazz Metropolis" a digital drawing I created featured in the CorelDraw Official guide by Authors Peter McCormick and Foster Corburn 1995.

This piece was my away of honoring the jazz greats that impacted my youth growing up in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood (Southside Chicago) and the rich culture. I featured many artists including Charlie Parker (Bird), Dizzy Gillespie and my good friend the late jazz trumpeter "Roy Hargrove"in this composition. Jazzbebop gave me a chance to bring the Jazz Metropolis to life in a interactive web application.

Jazzbebop Version 1 and banner created in New York 1998

Natasha Tarpley with Adu Jahmal, December 1998 Fortune Magazine Christmas Party

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