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The Journey isn't about me at all

Recently I was invited to a party by some young adults who were eager to meet me.  My daughter had suggested that I connect to a younger audience.  So, with her being the parent I decided to embark on this gathering.  The first thing I said to the young men and women of the future was, “You have to let go of people to evolve.”  And just like I thought they didn’t get it, so I had to go into detail mode.  On my journey I have met many people, some became lifelong friends, others were lovers and a few I would soon forget.   It can be lonely on this path of greatness.... I realized that.  However, the beauty is the new people you get to meet along the way.  I’m never alone because my ancestors follow me wherever I go.  This is the foundation which I stand firmly on and believe in. -Adu Jahmal

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