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petit déjeuner au louvre

Dernière mise à jour : 20 août 2020

Welcome to Paris and the next chapter of my artistic career.  I am happy to announce that I found the time here in Paris to complete my long-awaited book

Produit fabriqué à Paris France

Product Information 

Format: 30,0 x 40,0 cm (French-style) 

Length: 296 pages, 314 artworks/illustrations, 136 photos with scenes around Paris, poems, and short stories 

Dimensions: H40 x L30 x D3.5cm

White gloves and custom storage box included

Inspirational Literature 

Author: Monsieur Andre Lahori

Editor: Simone Dunne

Publisher: Maison Barbra Jean Paris

ISBN: 978-2-9573164

Book: Je Ne Suis Pas Un Américain comme les autres, Je Suis Né Français

I am not Your Typical American, I was born French

BOOK Hardcover

Linen (Cialux grise1806)

Finishing: gold hot-stamping

Dust Jacket, 4 flaps + back

Paper: Novatech Gloss, 170 g/m2 

Printing: full color front

Finishing: Shiny lamination on front

Case: Custom book full color front finishing

Watch as a young boy’s dream unfolds in front of your eyes, from Chicago’s South Side (Chicago an American city founded by Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable). A celebration of a 35-year art career and existential living. Adu Jahmal is the most Parisian of Americans and the most American of Parisians.

 A series of 3,000 books will be produced and the first 100 will be signed and numbered. 

Let me know if you would like to add one to your library.

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Mary Covington
Mary Covington
06 de ago. de 2020

Magnificent! The Louvre is the perfect backdrop for promoting your book which is being produced and published in Paris. We look forward to hearing you share passages from your new work of art. Congratulations!

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