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Paris Honors Mügler

People are dressing in dazzling customs all over Paris.....Ahh it's Fashion Week!

For this edition the Musée des Arts Décoratifs has put the late couturist Thierry Mugler to honor, exposing the most iconic pieces of his collection.

The first room of the exhibition displays Mugler's 1997 first High fashion collection "The Insects". Dresses and corsets highlighting the exaggerated figures of wasps, beetles and scorpions. The textures and colors of butterflies and cicadas are suggested by an impressively detailed work of traditional fabrics and experimental materials such as silicone, sequins, horse hair and feather.

Soft blue lights and wave crushing sounds transport us in the calm and elegant world of sea creatures. Vinyl costumes reflect the light rays, projecting the hypnotizing ondulation and shimmer of water on the mannequins. The star of the room is the Medusa. A pastel chiffon gown represents the bouncy body of the creature. Rubber strings, acting as the jelly fish's legs, complexify the texture and movement of the skirt. Corals and seaweeds are seen through head pieces and jewelry.

On top of showing Mugler's talent as a designer, we notice his ability to partner with highly capable artisans and celebrate their craftmanship, such as the leather work on this Longchamp themed dress, the metallurgy used on the comics and robots inspired suits, or the glass work for the perfume collection.

Find more information about the artist and the exhibit by clicking on the link below.

Thierry Mugler, Couturissime - du 30 septembre 2021 au 24 avril 2022 (

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