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Mademoiselle Bordeaux

Dernière mise à jour : 25 oct. 2020

Samedi à Paris

The day started as a typical Samedi for me in Paris....stretching and yawning last nights affair with Mademoiselle Bordeaux...she left her ring around my coffee table and a glass half full....can’t say I really remember any of the final moments of our conversation....just the last glimpse of her bouteille.....and I was off to lala land.  It’s after 1pm and I’ve been lying here awake for perhaps 2 hours.  My translator and business partner, the lovely Pauline, is dropping by this I have get my act together and quickly after all she’s the boss.  So first the coffee, then the smokes....dam...I’m out.   I must perform the LA, quick presentable just in case you get picked for a casting.....Brush Brush, fluff fluff....then out the door.  The petit lift was awaiting me this morning, troisième étage, however on most days I take the stairs.   The lift open, dash out to buss myself from jail....and voilà! There is Paris awaiting me.

I looked to the left and then to the right, and yes everything felt normal so I proceeded pass the busy Japon restaurant with customer in line filling the street.....heading to my corner Tabac shop....I remember saying to myself I forgot my sunglasses but perhaps I need to be able to see everything coming my way......and surely it was.....On the left side of rue des Petits eyes was capture by a frequency of motion that made me remember all the conversation with Mademoiselle Bordeaux last night I was somehow captured in time.....All my thoughts ambitions and fantasies of Paris was upon me......Somehow I had to acknowledge her without yelling like an American across the street....I summon my horn and slurred notes that would whisper into her ear....but she was busy on her phone.....darn....time had passed us by.....Bonjour Ca va.....  un marlboro light s’il vous plait...words spoken to my good friend at the Tabac shop....He mentioned today is yet another magical day in paris for you.....I thanked him and walked away smiling. I glanced down the road as I headed home to finish my coffee.....but when I reach my door....I realized that I was not ready to return....perhaps I should at least walk to the corner and see if I can catch that frequency once more......I look to the left and then to the right.....she was gone out of sight...well at least I can grab some water....Bonjour, as I entered the Marche quickly to gather my items......I couldn’t tell where she came from she was walking towards me....what are the odds?...I knew in that very moment....I had to give it all I was every woman that seduced me in life wrapped up in one being....I cried my passion into her and submitted like a puppy dog....She literally took my breath away...but However I found a way to bark....I even thought of rolling over and playing dead....I told her immediately that I need help me....I felt her smile, then her kindness so I hurried up and cleaned myself up.....After all I am a gentleman.  We began to speak and just like that Mademoiselle Bordeaux had become my reality. To be continued

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