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Joyeux anniversaire stevie wonder

Dernière mise à jour : 12 juin 2020

Happy Birthday to the musical genius "Stevie Wonder". So the story begins.....(2013) Today I was invited to play a gig......I absolutely had no clue who I was going to perform with. The story actually starts almost two years prior to this event. While living in Woodland Hills, California...known as the Valley. I can remember the moments as though it was yesterday...and it was indeed. That day started out rough and by noon I was hoping to find an escape route...I felt trapped and needed to pull from my creative side for refuge. A couple of weeks ago while hanging out at a popular wine bar on Venture Blvd, I met the owner who asked me if I was...a musician? Darn I was there for wine business and hesitated to answer but of course I said yes and she simply invited me to come play anytime. I decided to take her up on the offer. When I arrived her regular paid musician was there with his Saxophone and I quickly grabbed a glass of wine to blend in. I'm sure he noticed me coming through the door with my drum the size of a human's body. "Hey! how's it going?" I introduced myself and asked if I can accompany him on the set. Of course he gave me a dirty eye, musicians...... but before he could say no, I removed my drum from the case. I didn't allow him to have a choice in this matter.....I came to fuckin play period. Three tunes later, he was giving me high fives and smiling like the kool-aid man, oh yeah! The owner sent drinks to the both of us with the look of relief in his face, "Cheers." He packed up his equipment and prepared to head out. Darn, I said to myself "I'm just warming up." A fellow carrying a guitar and amp walks through the my heart skipped a beat....The introduction and this time I was asked to sit in. I slayed the set and yet another band shows up and the same results happened. The final song was ending after the third set and as the audience applauded I noticed this distinguished gentlemen staring at me, as he raised his right hand and commanded me with his gun finger to his presents. Excitement was flowing through my veins perhaps I watched too many rock-n-roll documentaries on how cats were today finally my day? I wondered. "Sit down" he said, "boy you are one bad motherfucker" as I laughed, he spoke my language I swear. He ordered me a fourth lol. "I could use you for some session works." he says as he handed me his business card....then threatens me not to give his number to a soul. We talked for about a half hour then I headed home to face the crisis I left earlier but with hope. Fast forward to this day, while playing my drum at "Roscoe Chicken and Waffles", the Gower location of my weekly art gig. That gentlemen showed up in my life again. "Adu!" he says remembering my name. "I have a gig for you to play Thursday, come help the old guys out." he says as he walks away with an arm full of chicken. Again, I wondered. I received a text message Wednesday with the location......Hollywood Blvd, be there at 11am. When I arrived it was ruckus everywhere, news reporter, people gathering....what the fuck. The "Funk Brothers" the backbone of the Motown sound machine was being inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.....the who's who in music was there.........some guys have all the luck. After the ceremony we headed to Beverly Hills for the gig! By far the best set-list I have ever seen.....and of course I took over the set, even from Stevie Wonder.....That was my day to shine.....but today is your day and I wanna thank Mickey Stevens for allowing the magic to happen. More than daughter Madinah was there to witness the occasion. I love you Monsieur Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday from Paris.....Adu Jahmal,

"The Last Funk Brother."

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