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Happy Mother’s Day

With Stevie Wonder sound track playing in the ground “AS”, the story begins.....South side Chicago 1970 something....finish up my errands for day shopping for lil old ladies in my neighbor. From the grocery under the El (train) to Mr. Prince market, I have been walking and hustling groceries and Sunday newspaper all morning. I can’t help but notice the local peddlers selling flowers on every corner. Red and white, cute if you are a Delta and can wear both of them however I have to wear one today, the one I hate the most....the white one.

My mother died when I was 4 years old and the flower serves as a constant reminder of the tragedy. Hey Granny I’m done with my errands. Granny : did you pick up a flower while you were out ? No I replied aggressively Granny why not? I don’t wanna wear a white flower this year, you are like my mother why can’t I wear a red one like all of my friends? Granny: You can wear any color you wish. I dashed out the door, ran as fast as I can to make

my purchase. The vendor was a local whom knew my family well and yes I purchase white flowers from him in the past but this time strange enough he allowed me to make a selection. “I’ll take a red carnation, he simply raised his head and smiled at me. Later that day when I met up with my buddies they also noticed that I was wearing a new color, however I was so tough, no one questioned it. I finally had over come my Mother’s Day blues. Thank you Granny, Thank you Mom.....Happy Mother’s Day.

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