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From detention to hollywood

When I originally told this story, I started by mentioning I was placed in detention at school and was forced to stay late, thus I had to skip (hop) the train to make it home on time. However......I've been pondering the thought in my head, how in the world did I end up in detention in the first place? Let's revisit that day if you will.........It all began when I completed my primary education at Anthony Overton elementary school. I left with the highest honors, recommendations from two principals plus all my teachers. Somehow I was labeled a "Child Prodigy" in other words "Young gifted and black". I would soon discover that it was not a good title to have entering a new school.......I was singled out for everything ??? damn! Let's introduce you to my new favorite teacher....Ms. Kipniss "Godblindyah" (Barbadian slang).

For the life of me, I don't know why she was determined to break me? I was removed from the advanced student status in her class? She would always mark my school work papers A- minus even though all my questions and answers were correct, turned in on time and of course neat as a pin. However, on that glorious day....she finally pushed me too far.......A teacher aide arrived at our classroom and called out students' names that were to be transferred to another class. I noticed the aide only requested the classmates that resided in the lower learning section.....I was sure my name wasn't on that list and then......I heard my name. I thought well maybe we are just going for a visit to the office or nurse, but let's wait and see.

Upon arrival I realized this place wasn't for me. It was a learning program for students that were having challenges. I began to plead my case, "This must be some kind of mistake" I recall saying to the teacher, "I don't belong here at all?" But she just ignored me? So I took matters in my own hands (The Prodigy) I stormed out of the class and headed straight to that...(well you know what I want to say) Ms.Kipniss' class to have a word with her. I opened the classroom door and slammed it with thunder and marched straight to her desk and demanded an explanation. Well the outcome was detention, however the next day proved me to be victorious and I was returned to her classroom.

Although my moment in the movie was a blink of a cameo (4:24-4:26), I danced for at least 2 hours and walked away feeling like Douglas Fairbanks.....The Hero!

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