Don't Sit Around Looking Like A Goose Peeking in a Jug

Mis à jour : sept. 25

Acknowledgement for those loyal friends, customers and family that have stood by my side on this journey in France. Your name and contribution will be recorded in history for generations to come. When lives and dreams are realized and not taken is when you really prove black lives matter.

From the words of my ancestors, excuse my French.

The Rest of you Motherfuckers in America need to get on board. Quit saying the slogans and prove it!

If you are setting around waiting for the French police to kill that you may collect millions and ain’t going to happen. Racism is simple....everybody ain’t suppose to like you.....period

Get over yourself!

The only way to get ride of racism is to know that it will always exist....and move forward, it’s an attribute of man and the entire animal kingdom period......War want change this, nor will a vote.

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