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Confinement? Ha! Just the normal life of Artist

Dernière mise à jour : 24 juin 2020

So the world has finally caught up to my pace......Inside all day trying to figure out a formula, complete a project or just simply looking for clients.....Welcome to the world of the artist. Don't you hate it? Can't be normal, no more rushing and being rude to everyone.....and what is it I hear now, now that you have gotten the message....A bird singing praise. Yes! nature is feeling good right now. What are you so in a hurry to get back too.....the same dumb things you was doing before? Ah suck, you have to be creative with all of this down time you say.....making stupid videos, Facebook, Face-time, have lost your mind.

It's not for everyone, you know, only the weird crazy artist.....they can deal with this life.............

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