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Bonjour Ca va

Dernière mise à jour : 16 juin 2020

Bonjour Comment ca va the words or should I say sounds flowing through my lovers mouth.

When your lover only speaks French what is one too do.

I grab her in my arms and squeeze her tight because I know we are going to have some fun tonight. When I kiss her and stroke her hair, she only smiles and laugh without a care. Drinking the finest of wine until the wee hours of the morning, all I can feel is her body yearning. She calls out my name again and again somehow I realize this couldn’t be a sin. I never have to explain all my body aches nor pains for she gladly whips out the oils and the massage begins.

And when we lay next to one another her skin smells of sweet French perfume and taste of Brûlée A La Vanille Bourbon

No conversations of politics, religion or wrongs, just the sounds of a sweet Edith Piaf song. But when she speaks and make all those vowel sounds, I can only hear a jazz band getting down.

When she unravel and present herself, like Josephine Baker’s seduction my heart just melts.

Pure innocents every time we meet, body language is surely how we greet.

And of course I wanna learn the language so that we can converse but for now the not knowing really works.

When your lover only speaks French, it has a special charm not understanding yet she’s lying in your arms.

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